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Release 2023.28

Discover the latest updates and improvements in Karelics Cloud through our comprehensive release notes. Stay informed about the real-time execution and path tracking capabilities of

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Release 2023.24

Discover the latest updates from Karelics Cloud with the release of version 2023.24. This release introduces exciting features aimed at enhancing mission management and improving

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Release 2023.21

The application update brings several new features and improvements. Users can now easily manage missions, with photo documentation and a larger photo preview option, making

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Release 2023.18

Our software has been updated with new features and improvements for users and developers. The changes include better management of your goals, easier ways to

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Karelics Cloud release note 2023.11

Release 2023.11

Mission management Saving the mission to be reused It is now possible to save the mission. Save execution as mission Now quick executions can be

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Release 2023.06

Missions: Photo documentation beta We are thrilled to announce the new Photo documentation mission support in Karelics Cloud. Although it is currently marked as beta

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Karelics Cloud release note 2023.1

Release 2023.01​

Mini cloud beta When the internet connection on a project site was unstable, or its area coverage was not enough to include all the operating

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Karelics Antero URobot

Release 3.2​

Project and device analytics​ Added a statistics sidebar for a project A statistics by area in a project can give an impression to a construction

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Release 3.1

Multi-vendor support Custom icons and configuration We have added the support for custom device models. Each supported model has a unique icon to be more

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Release 3.0

New re-thought operator UI Having more than one device in the same project led us to completely rethinking of our operator UI. Go to any

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