Unlock the future of Material Logistics with Karelics!
Explore how robots powered by the Karelics Brain and Cloud can optimize all the logistic processes on your construction site. Contact us now for a smarter, more efficient and future-proof approach to construction logistics!

At Karelics, we are at the forefront of transforming the construction industry through cutting-edge technology. Our innovative solutions, Karelics Brain and Karelics Cloud, are revolutionising material logistics, making construction sites more efficient and productive than ever before. With our expertise, your robots will evolve into fully autonomous and self-sufficient construction workers, streamlining your operations and boosting your project's success.

Our Solutions

Karelics Cloud

Centralised Control:
Karelics Cloud provides a centralised platform for managing all your construction robots. Monitor their performance, track progress, and make real-time adjustments from anywhere.

Optimised Routes:
The cloud-based system calculates the most efficient routes for your robots, reducing idle time and minimising delays.

Karelics Brain

The Brain Behind Your Robot:
Karelics Brain is the intelligent core that powers your construction robots. It's designed to enhance decision-making, allowing robots to navigate complex construction sites with ease.

Real-Time Data:
It collects and processes real-time data from various sensors on your robot, ensuring it can adapt to changing environments and optimise its actions.

Adaptive Learning:
Our AI algorithms enable robots to learn from their experiences, improving their performance over time.

Seamless Integration:
Karelics Brain seamlessly integrates with your existing robot systems, making the transition to autonomy smooth and cost-effective.

Our Logistics Options

Tailored Solutions:
We understand that each construction project is unique. We offer customisable logistics solutions to meet your specific needs and goals.

Manufacturer Partnerships:
We collaborate closely with manufacturers specialising in robot development and logistics, ensuring you have access to the latest technologies and best-in-class equipment.

Key Features and Benefits

Increased Efficiency:
By automating material logistics, you can significantly reduce downtime and increase productivity, ultimately saving time and money.

Autonomous robots are designed to operate in hazardous environments, reducing the risk to human workers.

Cost Savings:
Optimised routes and inventory management lead to reduced material waste and lower operational costs.

Our solutions can scale with your project, whether a minor renovation or a large construction site.

Environmental Impact:
Reduced fuel consumption and minimise waste contribute to a greener, more sustainable construction industry.

Some Numbers


Reduction in Operational Costs:
Our clients have reported substantial cost savings after implementing Karelics solutions.


Uptime Guarantee:
We understand the importance of reliability in construction, and our systems are designed to keep your robots operational around the clock.


Faster Project Completion:
By optimising logistics, projects are completed in significantly less time, allowing you to take on more work.

Transform your construction site into a beacon of efficiency and innovation with Karelics. Let us show you how our Karelics Brain and Karelics Cloud can make your robots fully autonomous and self-sufficient construction workers. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions and how we can empower your construction projects.

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