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Robot fleet management
for construction robots

Karelics Cloud, robot fleet management app UI.

Native BIM support

Karelics Cloud allows construction workers to view all the robots and relevant information, such as virtual walls and other points of interest, in one place, right on the BIM model. While navigating, the starting and target positions and the executed path can be observed in real-time.

Karelics Cloud, robot fleet management app UI.

Multi-floor navigation

Construction workers can switch between different floor plans of their construction site, choose the target, like a mixing station, and tell robot to navigate there. The robot will find the best way to go between the floors. With the Karelics software we cover not only horizontal, but also the vertical logistics on the construction sites.

Karelics Cloud, robot fleet management app UI.

Virtual walls and areas

Some areas should be out of the robot’s reach on any construction site. But almost always, these areas are constantly changing, either growing or just moving altogether! With our solutions, you can easily mark these areas with a virtual wall or a no-go zone.

Virtual locations can be used to label any place of interest with a custom colour and name and are then easy to manage from the Karelics Cloud UI.

Additionally, operators can mark any virtual location as a navigation shortcut, enabling any robot to navigate quickly between them!

Karelics Cloud, robot fleet management app UI.

Beacons, AR tags, UWB beacons, and more!

We support various tagging solutions, such as Ultra Wide Band beacons, April Tags and others, to keep track of the main points of interest better and aid every robot with localising itself in complicated and symmetrical environments.

Additionally, workers can leverage all the types of supported markers to identify and track items such as the mixing station.

Karelics Cloud, robot fleet management app UI.

Different robots in one system

Karelics Cloud allows construction workers to seamlessly control robots from various manufacturers using a friendly, centralised interface.

On-site managers have access to transparent, easy-to-understand reports information that provide complete visibility into the work completed by all of the managed robots, improving transparency and allowing them to organise operations better.

Karelics Cloud, robot fleet management app UI.

Device & project planning

Karelics cloud makes device and project planning as easy as possible by leveraging the flexibility of using a single management interface for multiple projects. You can plan and assign various robots to a single project from the same interface. Or you can plan a single robot for different projects.

Other advantages of the platform are the increased efficiency of operation, flexibility of choice concerning resource utilisation and transparent cost management.

Furthermore, the extended time usually required by purchasing and integrating a new robot into your project is reduced by leveraging the power of sharing the already gathered data (map, locations, etc.) with the new robot.

Karelics Cloud, robot fleet management app UI.

Fleet management

Karelics Cloud incorporates different robots from different manufacturers under one ecosystem, allowing the sharing of essential information between them. Once a map or a no-go zone is created, they are automatically distributed between ALL the robots on the same project.

Karelics Cloud enables the seamless operation of the complete fleet of robots on your construction site and beyond from one platform.

Karelics Cloud, robot fleet management app UI. Statistics screen.

Multi-project platform

Construction companies often have projects with defined end dates and need to plan their resources accordingly. With the ability to plan robots between projects, and the ability for robots to work together while sharing the same knowledge base, construction companies can streamline their operations and save valuable time.

No longer must they waste time reconfiguring projects for each robot separately. By optimizing the use of their robots, construction companies can increase efficiency and complete projects more quickly and effectively.

Karelics Cloud, robot fleet management app UI.

Automatic robot software updates

The robot manufacturers and our team are constantly developing new features for the robots and our products. Karelics Cloud keeps your robots constantly evolving by seamlessly incorporating new skills and distributing them over the air with just one click of a button!

Use Karelics Cloud and Karelics Brain to keep your robots up-to-date with the latest enhancements!

Robotic Automation Solutions

Advantages for
Robotic manufactures

We help robot manufacturers bring their robots to construction sites and integrate them with other robots developed by other manufacturers. We help robot manufacturers with saving money on development of their own fleet management system by fulfilling the specific requirements of construction sites such as BIM integration or the integration with ERP systems of the construction companies. Ideal fleet management for robots driven by ROS.

Save time on development of your very own fleet management solution for your robots.

Save time on development of your very own robot operation solution for your robots.

Benefit from unified data formats that Karelics cloud provides you (sync of maps, points of interest, robot status, etc.).

Different robots for one task to achieve the autonomy.

Get usage analytics and more.

Power up your robot with Karelics Brain to achieve autonomy and more.

Advantages for
Construction companies

Karelics Cloud is a complete fleet management system for construction robots. It supports any robot platform, regardless of manufacturer. It is a project-based cloud system with many essential features developed specifically for the needs of the construction industry. The system allows the scheduling of robots for different projects during the construction planning phase and the seamless management and coordination of these robots during the construction execution phase, with the final goal of minimising the costs and delays incurred during the construction process.

Power up your construction site with a fleet of robots. It will dynamically enhance your project environment.

Connect your robot once - Use it on all your construction projects!

We are working with sites that are using robots. Access the full potential of your construction project now!

We constantly listen to feedback and optimise our UI for the most seamless experience possible. We make robots simple to use by construction site workers, saving their time.

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