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2.5 - 26 April 2022

New projects list

Cleared the projects list view to clearly see projects that are running now, upcoming projects and recent projects.

Improved online status

Changed the online status identification. Now online means that robot has internet connection.

Important: Device will be shown as online even if Brain is not yet started.

Save current position of device as navigation point

Added possibility to store current position of robot as a navigation point and possibility to save it as a shortcut. To do it – click at “gear” icon and then at “Add point at device position”

Feedback about done or canceled tasks

Added new “bell”-icon to show result of today’s tasks. Canceled, Errors, Done task results will appear there.

On the fly update of maps list

If interface is open on 2 different devices (eg. on iPad and on laptop) and on one of them user created the new map – on another device the map will be added to the list automatically without page refresh. The same will happen if map is deleted or renamed.

Made UI of virtual locations more understandable

Now the UI of the right sidebar will show correctly what you are creating or updating: virtual point, area or line.

Save Karelics as the app on your desktop

Added possibility to save Karelics as the app. This helps to remove the search bar and have more space to control your device. The initial load of the app will be better even in bad internet connection or even offline (but in offline at the moment the data won’t be show though).

Other improvements:

  • Added integration with KONE elevators

  • Fixed the bug when trying to edit the location right after creation

  • Improved sidebar usability in projects list. Now when switching between tabs or projects sidebar will be closed accordingly

  • Improved the dropdowns look and feel to be consistent with the rest of UI

2.4 - 3 April 2022

Task Errors

In cases when task execution was aborted by the system with error, we show the error message on the screen. This message is shown only for current robot. Example: robot was stuck due to an obstacle and stopped navigation.

Add possibility to move the point

Added speed indication, distance indication, and localisation/mapping mode icon

Now we show the current speed of the robot, the distance it has travelled since the last start.

Back button in operator UI leads to list of devices

Back button now leads to list of devices, not list of projects, acting as normal back button.

Elevators support (configuration)

Added possibility to add OTIS elevators in project configuration. At the moment this is only connector to OTIS API. Linking to maps is not yet implemented.

Improved the smooth movement of robot

The path is shown now connected to a robot. The latency to reality is reduced to max 2s. Fixed problem when working with inactive tab. Robot moves on the map way smoother and more reliable.

Improved robot UI consistency

When robot is in another from selected map the button Set position is not shown any more. It makes it more consistent and prevents from mistakes.

Shown proper message when error occurs while linking device to project

Removed logout countdown

Now you are logged out instantly.

Improved sidebar for managing Tags (markers)

New Sidebar for virtual locations

Adding device to project

When adding device to project- we now show only devices of my company

Sync of Locations, Tags, Gateways

When you open the same map and device on different iPads or browser tabs – all changes to virtual locations, tags and gateways will be synced between them automatically. No page refresh needed.

Simplified the Device registration behaviour

Necessary fields are generated automatically (device ID, IP, mask)

More clear roles of users in company

Added role “User” to company users. It is default role.