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3.1 - 1 September 2022

Multi-vendor support

Custom icons and configuration

We have added the support for custom device models. Each supported model has a unique icon to be more recognisable in the list of devices and a set of custom settings that may influence the UI behaviour (read below).

Added support for custom moving modes​

We have added the support for custom device models. Each supported model has a unique icon to be more recognisable in the list of devices and a set of custom settings that may influence the UI behaviour (read below).

Charging mode support​

For devices that support charging stations we added a possibility to activate charging and to stop it.
We have added the indication when device is charging. No operations are available while charging.

Multi-floor support improvements

Extended maps with types

We have added the following map types: Floor, Stairs, Slope. If a device is able to navigate on the stairs, the multi-floor path planner will be able (in some nearest future) build the path over the stairs, if not – will not. This functionality depends on the capabilities of a certain device type.

In addition we have extended the map-links of the graph with direction (up or down) to be able to activate an appropriate behaviour for our devices when moving autonomously between the floors and when device requires special behaviour on stairs or slops depending on the direction it goes (up or down). With our UI it is straightforward and easy to create the proper connection map with a proper direction.

For example, for SPOT we will automatically activate the stairs mode and drive it as suggested by manufacturer – upstairs with face up and downstairs with back down (backwards).

Redesign of the maps selector

We show now clearly the connected maps and added a button to show other maps.

Multi-device support improvements

Highlighting of selected device

Now we highlight the selected device so it is easier for the operator to see with which device does it work at the moment.

Different colours for different statuses

Now it is easy to see the available devices or when device is unhealthy or busy. The new blue color is set for selected devices.

Better UI for offline devices

When device is offline we hide the buttons that make no sense for it since it is not online.

Better way visualisation

Now way became thicker and we show the final point more prominent. Even on smaller zoom levels it is clearly visible and understandable. We use different colours to highlight the way of selected device.

Smooth move of devices

We have returned back the smooth visualisation of working device. Now it is not “jumpy” any more.

Clear cursor behaviour

When device is not selected we don’t show the confusing Go button. We added the little cross button to remove the point from the map when needed. And we show the message that the area is unknown when it is unknown and device can not navigate to it.

Other improvements

Added the possibility to create the map right from the list of maps

Unhealthy status

We added a special indication when device is unhealthy.

Rethought the ‘set position’ UI

Now the device operator can set the initial position way easier.

Controller battery status

Our operators have asked us to add the status of controller battery to a device sidebar. Done. When click on it – we will show the current value in %. Also added to the device card so that you will always see it when needed. And the indicator color will change whenever the battery reaches critical for further operation value.

Possibility to remove the map

Yes, it was not possible before…  🙂

Improvements for long notification messages


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Our operators have asked us to add the status of controller battery to a device sidebar. Done. When click on it – we will show the current value in %. Also added to the device card so that you will always see it when needed. And the indicator color will change whenever the battery reaches critical for further operation value.

And other bugfixes and performance improvements

Thanks for the feedback from our partners we have fixed multiple bugs and made additional work on improving performance of our UI even in slow internet connection. And made a lot of API preparations for new cool upcoming features.

3.0 - 15 July 2022

New re-thought operator UI

Having more than one device in the same project led us to completely rethinking of our operator UI.

Go to any map right away

We have added the possibility to open the map even when there are no devices on it. It is possible to configure a project even before it begins. You can add the map directly after selecting the project. No need to be with the robot on site.

New UI to create virtual walls

New UI to create virtual locations

Possibility to select any of overlapping virtual areas/walls/points

We have added the possibility to go to any point even when there is a virtual area above it. You can have multiple areas under your cursor – we will suggest you to select the one you need.

Map rendering performance

We have reworked the maps engine to boost the load performance even in slower internet.

Showing more projects in a raw on iPad

Added 1 more project in each raw. Now it is easier to find needed project

Added suggestion to save the map when switching from mapping to localisation mode

If the map you built has issues you can easily discard changes. And you will no longer loose your well done map when switching to localisation.

Now “brave mode” of your device is clearly visible in UI

In the “brave mode” device moves faster. It is switching to the brave mode automatically when there are no obstacles on the way and around the way.

New device cards design and showing offline devices

Sometimes our users were confused when had not seen the device in the project but it was just offline. Now we have added a possibility to see the offline devices alongside with online devices.

On the card we show:

  • when device is offline or has low battery
  • current task or idle
  • current map
  • battery status

When you click on a device we will open the map where the device currently is and will center on a device.

New projects list layout

We have added the full address of a project and the period of it to the card.

We have split it in areas:

  • Recently worked on – showing your last selected project
  • Projects today – showing the projects that are running today
  • Upcoming projects – showing the projects that have not been started yet, but are already available for a pre-configuration

Possibility to rename the map

Save the device location as a navigation point

In the past it required many click – now it is way more simple.

New notifications area

We have added the new notifications area showing recent notifications from all devices working on a project. When clicking on it the corresponding device will be selected. When severity of notification is high we highlight the bell icon.

Multi-device support. Beta

If you have more than one device working together in one project – you will see them on the same map, will be able to switch between them.

We show the list of devices on current map and list of devices on other maps. It is now way easier to switch between them. If device is on another map – switching to it will switch the map too and will zoom to it to save you some clicks.

We show the new device cards layout and it is now clear which device is busy and which is available or having some troubles.

Offline devices are shown too.

All information you see in the operator UI is updated in realtime, no page reload needed.

Project data sync. Beta

You have a device that is going from project to project and each time you need to reconfigure it again and again? Now we do it for you. When you change a project of a device we will remove all “knowledge” it collected from the past project and will sync in it all you have created in another project. And we will keep it always up to date with all relevant data collected by operators or other robots.

Currently we sync:

  • Maps and graph map links for multi-floor navigation
  • Navigation shortcuts
  • Navigation points
  • April tags
  • Virtual walls
  • Virtual areas

When a device was planned in a project but has not been yet assigned to it.

When device is being assigned to a project it removes all knowledge about past project and starts synchronisation of data from new project.

User invitation improvements

User invitation emails

Now users are getting the invitation emails with a button to set the password and begin working. And we simplified the process of user initial registration.

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Redesigned login, forgot password screens

Now it shows the links to our most recent release notes and styled as part of Karelics software.

All screens support multiple languages.

2.5 - 26 April 2022

New projects list

Cleared the projects list view to clearly see projects that are running now, upcoming projects and recent projects.

Improved online status

Changed the online status identification. Now online means that robot has internet connection.

Important: Device will be shown as online even if Brain is not yet started.

Save current position of device as navigation point

Added possibility to store current position of robot as a navigation point and possibility to save it as a shortcut. To do it – click at “gear” icon and then at “Add point at device position”

Feedback about done or canceled tasks

Added new “bell”-icon to show result of today’s tasks. Canceled, Errors, Done task results will appear there.

On the fly update of maps list

If interface is open on 2 different devices (eg. on iPad and on laptop) and on one of them user created the new map – on another device the map will be added to the list automatically without page refresh. The same will happen if map is deleted or renamed.

Made UI of virtual locations more understandable

Now the UI of the right sidebar will show correctly what you are creating or updating: virtual point, area or line.

Save Karelics as the app on your desktop

Added possibility to save Karelics as the app. This helps to remove the search bar and have more space to control your device. The initial load of the app will be better even in bad internet connection or even offline (but in offline at the moment the data won’t be show though).

Other improvements:

  • Added integration with KONE elevators

  • Fixed the bug when trying to edit the location right after creation

  • Improved sidebar usability in projects list. Now when switching between tabs or projects sidebar will be closed accordingly

  • Improved the dropdowns look and feel to be consistent with the rest of UI

2.4 - 3 April 2022

Task Errors

In cases when task execution was aborted by the system with error, we show the error message on the screen. This message is shown only for current robot. Example: robot was stuck due to an obstacle and stopped navigation.

Add possibility to move the point

Added speed indication, distance indication, and localisation/mapping mode icon

Now we show the current speed of the robot, the distance it has travelled since the last start.

Back button in operator UI leads to list of devices

Back button now leads to list of devices, not list of projects, acting as normal back button.

Elevators support (configuration)

Added possibility to add OTIS elevators in project configuration. At the moment this is only connector to OTIS API. Linking to maps is not yet implemented.

Improved the smooth movement of robot

The path is shown now connected to a robot. The latency to reality is reduced to max 2s. Fixed problem when working with inactive tab. Robot moves on the map way smoother and more reliable.

Improved robot UI consistency

When robot is in another from selected map the button Set position is not shown any more. It makes it more consistent and prevents from mistakes.

Shown proper message when error occurs while linking device to project

Removed logout countdown

Now you are logged out instantly.

Improved sidebar for managing Tags (markers)

New Sidebar for virtual locations

Adding device to project

When adding device to project- we now show only devices of my company

Sync of Locations, Tags, Gateways

When you open the same map and device on different iPads or browser tabs – all changes to virtual locations, tags and gateways will be synced between them automatically. No page refresh needed.

Simplified the Device registration behaviour

Necessary fields are generated automatically (device ID, IP, mask)

More clear roles of users in company

Added role “User” to company users. It is default role.