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Monitor the progress of your construction site with our unique autonomous robotic photo documentation service. Robots can operate without staff involvement during nighttime hours. Upon arriving at work in the morning, you will receive a comprehensive photo report on the construction site's status, supported by analysis using AI. Optimize project management and control with our autonomous photo documentation system.

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We Offer

Autonomous 360-photo documentation

Automated Approach: Faster and simpler automated 360° photo documentation for construction projects, replacing manual methods.

Deeper Insight: Gain a comprehensive record of the construction site using robotic technology, similar to Google Street View. Understand project progress and set goals remotely.

We always know the positions on the map

Detailed Documentation: Create detailed and immersive documentation of the construction site using high-resolution 360-photos and videos, capturing the site’s essence.

Easy Site Progress Tracking: Explore and analyse the progress of your construction site by linking photos and videos to specific locations. Enhance accessibility, simplify the evaluation of work done and identify early on if something is not going according to plan!

Time Machine


Analyzing changes with AI

Unlock the power of AI-driven change analysis in our Autonomous Photo Documentation mission.

Once the mission is executed and your construction site is documented, our advanced algorithms kick into action, automatically identifying and marking changes on the Photos.

Stay ahead of project developments with clear insights

Virtual tour of the construction site

Virtual journey : Explore every corner remotely, monitor progress, and identify any potential issues—all without the need for physical presence. Save valuable time and effortlessly gain comprehensive insights into your project’s progress.

Enhanced Visualization: Get a clear, immersive view of the site, helping you to better understand the layout and status of the project.

Adding annotations to photos

Notes Feature: It allows you to add notes directly to your photos. Marking progress, issues, or noting observations.

Boost the efficiency: It helps to Create a comprehensive report, with Pictures and Notes and Send it to responsible person to fix the issues promptly.

Acceptance of work from contractors: You can use this feature for problem detection, identifying issues when something isn’t built correctly.

Use any robot you wish – with our Payload 

Try our Payload: Now, you can utilize any robot of your choice with our Karelics Brain and Cloud system. If you already have robots on your construction site, our Payload feature is a must-try. We can develop a customisation for your robots and boosts their functionalities by installing our Custom Payload on your Robots.

You’ve got Robots? Even better – If you’ve invested in robotics for your projects, our system ensures maximum efficiency.


Automatic Object Recognition

Powered by AI: With our Autonomous Photo Documentation Powered by advanced AI technology, it automatically identifies objects, simplifying the documentation process. No more manual tagging and sorting – save you time and resources.

Accuracy and efficiency: Our AI model is trained to identify objects accurately and efficiently, save your time and let the Ai help you.

Virtual walls, No-go zones & Virtual areas

Define virtual boundaries and zones effortlessly. Outline areas with virtual walls to ensure robot recognition, mark no-go zones for avoidance, and designate virtual areas for points of interest. Accessible via an API endpoint for easy integration into any fleet management system.

Autonomous Charging

24/7 no Jokes: Keep your robots running non-stop with our automated charging feature. Say goodbye to stopping work for charging breaks—our technology handles it all. This means your robots can keep working without you needing charge them. Keep things running smoothly, so you can focus on getting the job done.

Enhanced Security and Safety

Streamline Integration: Integrated SSO from Azure AD and Google for working within corporate IT environment.

Effortless Remote Robot Missions: Trigger and Modify Missions with Ease.

Exploring the Benefits: A Comparison with BIM (Coming Soon!).

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