Karelics Brain

Improve your construction robot skills

Karelics Cloud, robot fleet management app UI.

We help Robotic companies to bring their robots to the construction sites, to integrate with other robots and to save money on development of their own fleet management system fulfilling the needs of construction robots fleet management such as BIM integration or integration with ERP systems of construction companies.

Karelics solutions

construction industry

We help companies successfully equip construction sites with robots.

You recently purchased a construction site robot but it is complicated to setup and integrate with other robots, systems like BIM Modelling, does not interface with humans or ride elevators and training is needed operate it? Karelics Brain has the solution. By integrating our cloud solutions onto your robot, it will quickly and effortlessly integrate functionality, communication H2R and R2R, riding elevators and data flow, and enable quicker on-site setup.

Karelics Cloud, robot fleet management app UI.

Robotic Companies

We can help your company make your own robot smart with Karelics Brain.

Have a robot that can work on construction site? Integrate it with Karelics Cloud to boost usage of your robot on the construction sites, provide necessary transparency of done work to the end customer. Or install Karelics Brain to power up your robot with skills required by every construction site worker: easy to use interface, voice control, safe navigation on construction site, integration with BIM, with elevators or with other robots.

Karelics Cloud, robot fleet management app UI.

robot service providers

The Karelics Cloud is compatible and suitable for different types of robots on construction sites and helps reduce setup time.

Have different robots working in different systems? Bring them together in Karelics Cloud and have one point of truth. Provide transparency for your customers in done work or used materials. Plan robots for your projects in one system.

Karelics Cloud, robot fleet management app UI. Statistics screen.

What is the Karelics Cloud

Karelics Cloud is a fleet management system for construction robots with a goal to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve safety on the construction site.

One platform for all robots

Robots capacity planning

Pricing model „Pay by use“

Benefits for your business


Karelics Cloud provides clear real-time analysis and reports of the work performed by the robots

Karelics Cloud is a fleet management system where robots from different manufacturers come together

Karelics Cloud empowers on-site robot connectivity to your ERP or other on-site software

Karelics Cloud, robot fleet management app UI.


Karelics Cloud is your „door-opener“ to the construction industry

Karelics Cloud provides transparency of the work done or materials used by robots during the project

Karelics Cloud is a new model of monetisation for your robots

Karelics Cloud, robot fleet management app UI. Statistics screen.

What is the Karelics Brain

Karelics Brain makes robots smart and easy to use

Karelics Brain is not only an easy-to-use operator interface for controlling and managing your robots, but also a tool that provides continuous over the air updates and improvements of your robots by means of using advanced AI and learning algorithms which in turn enable them to perform an ever-increasing range of complex tasks and services.

Karelics Brain enhances your robot’s existing functionality

It turns your robot into an autonomous, self-sufficient and easily managed member of your team, taking on difficult or dangerous tasks and protecting humans from risk.

You concentrate on the hardware, we provide you with Karelics Brain software

Integrate your robot with the BIM Model of the building so it can more readily recognise and navigate it´s surroundings.
Karelics Cloud is a solution for all parties involved in construction projects with robotics

Who are we

Karelics is a robotics software development company. We provide full support and guidance throughout all the process of integrating intelligent robots into the workflow of your business.Should you have already developed you own robot, Karelics can help by optimising it´s full functionality capacity with our cloud software. If your company is just starting their journey into construction site robotics, we can help with one of our ready-made robot solutions from one of our Karelics partners. If your want to really push the boundaries of your business and maximise robotics integration, Karelics Cloud provide a solution for controlling multiple robots remotely.