ROBOTICS AND XR guest lecture engages international students

UEF Guest lecture: “ROS, SLAM, Navigation and why doing Robotics is awesome”

We are happy to announce that earlier this week we held our first-ever guest lecture, thanks to the fantastic initiative of Professor Ilkka Jormanainen!

He invited us to one of the lectures on the “Robotics and XR” Master’s course, offered by the University of Eastern Finland, to talk about some of the main aspects and challenges involved in our work. We also presented an overview of 𝗥𝗢𝗦, covering many of the core concepts that make it the best framework for developing software for robots.

We also presented some project topics offered by our company, that the students can choose to work on in order to complete their coursework! The students will receive guidance from our experts along the way and will be provided with all the resources they might need in order to complete the projects!

We would like to thank our amazing colleagues: Joni Pöllänen and George – Cosmin Porusniuc, for preparing the content and holding the presentation!

The lecture was attended by almost 70 international students from various degree programs, who were very proactive and asked many engaging questions along the way! We hope that they truly enjoyed our presentation and that some of them will choose to pursue a career in robotics!

Picture of Karelics team
Karelics team

Karelics is a robotics software company located in Joensuu. We develop software to allow smart autonomous robots in the construction industry. Our ambition is to allow robots to work with people intelligently and safely. …or without people.

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