Photo documentation

Let robots document your construction project progress autonomuosly!

Karelics Cloud, robot fleet management app UI.

Karelics robot fleet management system allows efficient and precise documentation of construction projects.

The simplest way
to photodocument your construction site

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Optimize construction ROI with our approach

The simplest way
to photodocument your construction site


Our software allows you to create a map of the construction site from scratch or use an existing BIM model of the building to build a map for further navigation and work at the site. The main advantage is that you only need to map once – then you can use it!

Set custom waypoints and let Spot work

Our platform allows you to command robots (Spot and others) and send them on various missions at any time. Easy task setting and launching will enable you to perform missions autonomously and remotely.

Multi-floor support

Each building project is unique – and, of course, for robots to work effectively, they must be able to move around the construction site freely, without any boundaries. We understand that, and that’s why we have integrated native support for elevators, slopes and stairs. Elevator integration means that all the robots integrated into our system can call for a lift and move around the construction site independently.

Fleet Management on multiple maps and projects

Assign your robots seamlessly between projects and manage them all on the same construction site!

Our platform is a self-contained robot control centre for all the construction sites you work on. Unfortunately, one robot on a construction site can’t do everything, so it’s vital that robots work side by side and share important information with other robots and humans alike.


Open for integration with different systems.

Track everything in the BIM model

Import your BIM model in our app to build a map of your construction site, even before you bring any real robots there. By the time they are delivered, everything will be set and ready to go. Save your time, and work smart, not hard, with Karelics!

All in one app

One of our primary goals is to optimise. We have integrated and consolidated many tasks into one application, avoiding unnecessary labour. Karelics Fleet Management is the one-stop solution for leveraging all of the advantages of construction site robots: inspecting, planning, gathering reports, statistics and operating.

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Optimize construction ROI with our approach