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52 KG


58 x 80 x 40

Power autonomy

60 Ah = 8 hours




Up to 50 KG

Max. obstacle height

2,5 cm




Up to 15 Km/h

Max. gap width

3 cm

About disinfection

With help of virus buster extension robot performs disinfection tasks to reduce risk of infection by COVID-19 virus or other viruses and bacteria. It reduces up to 99% of viruses on the open surfaces and in the air.
Philips UVC lamps

6 Philips UVC lamps with total 42W of UV-C radiation at 100 hr

When the lamp is inside the case, powerful ventilators move the air through it allowing the virus buster to work as a recirculator. Like that it can be operated even in crowded places successfully cleaning the air.

When the lamp is out - the virus buster performs the disinfection with open UVC rays. Human detection automatically switches off the lamp when the human is detected to prevent damages.

In the end it builds the report with map of disinfected area and time of disinfection

Advanced driving

Robot has mecanum wheels that allow the special movements to perform tasks with better precision where standard wheels or tracks will not be applicable.


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Safe autonomous driving

Robot navigates complex environments fully autonomously. It builds and updates the map on every move, precisely localises itself on it and finds the best route to do its task with avoiding the obstacles.

Autonomously builds the path to the target. Adjusts the path according to reality changes.

Real-time obstacle avoidance in dynamic world with support of moving objects.

Human detection and tracking to safely and efficiently collaborate with people.

Headlights of robots allow operation at night and in dark places.

Advanced sensing

Robot has a set of sensors and cameras that allow safe work. Using simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) algorithms help it with localising itself even in complex, dynamic environments and even in new environments.

Cameras on each side of a robot allow safe movements in all directions, building the local map and precisely localise the robot

Combination of cameras with depth sensors and ultrasonic sensors and IMU allow robot to successfully avoid obstacles

Human detection and tracking algorithms to safely and efficiently work with people

Sensitive microphone to perform the security tasks (detecting of the sound of broken glass, etc) and voice control

Powerful GPU computing engine with pre-trained algorithms

Automatic software updates bring regular new improvements

GPS to track the position of the robot

Easy to control

We provide a wide range of possibilities to control our Robot. Robot can be controlled using the voice control or remotely over the Web UI.

Microphone array with noise cancelling function to hear the voice commands even in loud environments

Preloaded project's knowledge helps getting information faster. You can ask about the disinfected area, how many people were detected, etc.

Control the moves and tasks from web UI with BIM model or 2D-plan

Remote teleoperation from anywhere in the world

Works offline

Charging station

The robot batteries enable continuous work for up to 8 hours. When the battery is low robot drives to the charging station by itself. One charging station can support multiple robots. Charging stations extend WiFi when there is no wi-fi coverage in the operating area. It allows multiple robots setup

Battery run time: < 8 h

Battery charging time: 13 h

Status indicator shows when the robot is full